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Big Fish Games iOS App Search

Big Fish Games iOS App Search


The Big Fish Games app was created in 2011 with the main goals of providing a way for Big Fish customers to easily browse their growing library of games as well as increase customer acquisition.

Big Fish Games app in iTunes


Updating the app with Search enabled customers to more easily and quickly find games the games they want and begin playing. Adding Search to the iOS app was also an opportunity to spearhead an updated look and feel to make it more inline with not only the iOS7 visual standards, but also parallel the visual updates that were being added to the other Big Fish customer touch points.


UX/UI, Prototyping, Visual Design, Production

I did some research across a wide variety of existing apps to explore different solutions for the search functionality in the iOS space. Keeping in mind Big Fish's content I then put pencil to paper and explored many different variations of displaying search results and filtering to making searching as easy and intuitive as possible.

Three of the sketched ideas were chosen to pursue and I created clickable wireframes of standard search flow. With these we were able to more intuitively test the different options, which helped steer the design towards the final solution.

I then created high-res comps of the various states of the overall flow. At this point I was able to implement the updated UI elements I helped establish to bring the look and feel of the app more up-to-date with iOS standards.