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Big Fish Unlimited Android App

Big Fish Unlimited Android App


Big Fish Unlimited was a brand new business line, created in 2012, where players where they could stream games across different devices allowing them to play, save and pick up where they left off on any device. A responsive site and an Android tablet app had been designed. With a growing Android smartphone audience the need for a smartphone optimized app was right at our doorstep.


With the app optimized for the Android smartphone Big Fish was more prepared to expand into the Android space with a more functional app that bring in potential customers as opposed to turn them away, and the customers could more easily and intuitively find the games they want to play.


UX/UI, Prototyping, Visual Design, Production

The Android app was optimized for tablets, which created a broken experience on smartphones.

I took on the role of optimizing the app for smartphones while still offering the same functionality and experience users had on the tablet and website. I build out wireframes of various pages to create a clear and consistent layouts within the app.

With the approach approved I moved onto creating high-res comps that were sent to developers to implement. 

Since the scope of the initial optimization just called for utilizing elements and from the responsive website, it wasn't quite optimized specifically for the native Android experience. The next stage was to then explore ideas for navigation treatments that fit more intuitively the expected user models of being on a smartphone.

With the decision on utilizing the slide out menu I built wireframes to show how this interaction would work within the app.

With the final high-res comps I took the opportunity to clean up the design and utilize newer, larger graphics that creating a more streamline and natural feel for the app given the landscape, smartphone platform.