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Big Fish Games iOS App Free Game

Big Fish Games iOS App Free Game


With the Big Fish Games app being a consistently highly-ranked app in the iTunes store, Big Fish wanted expand on what the app has to offer customers by including exclusive access for Big Fish Games app users. 

With the goal to improve customer awareness and adoption of the Big Fish Games iOS App, the business team decided they wanted to offer exclusive access to a full game for free to users who install the app. The general approach was to include a high-level tab in the app which connects the user to a landing page showcasing the free game. 

A secondary goal was to get users to sign into their Big Fish account in the app for tracking and so they could access their info associated with their account. I created wireframes to illustrated the flow of signing in to your account on the Free Game page and the flow for accessing the game itself. 


By including the free game in the app Big Fish was able to increase customer acquisition and app downloads, as well as boosting the Big Fish Games app to another level to become more than just a game finding tool.


UX/UI, Prototyping, Visual Design, Production

The next step was to create wireframes of the overall process for both the iPhone and iPad.

With the iPad wireframes we began discussing whether or not the Free Games page should have a look and feel of the iOS app or the game itself. To help aid the decision making I created two flows, one of each style.

I created more in-depth landing page comps to show a variety of treatments that were presented to stakeholders.

The final decision was to have the Free Games page match the styling of the game itself to be more attractive to users and draw them into logging in and download the game. I created high-res comps and assets that were sent to developers to implement the final design.